Prairie Brothers Brewing’s story began when a friend invited Don Kenna over to help him brew beer in his garage. Home brewing appealed to the science teacher in him, and Don caught the brewing bug. “To most people, beer is just a product that they buy, but I wanted to know how beer gets the way that it is. It wasn’t just magic, it was the result of chemical reactions that I could master,” he noted. In 2009, he produced his very first batch of home brew, christened “Baby Beer,” in honor of the birth of his first child, daughter Harlee.

Don went on to dabble in home brewing, even growing his own backyard hops. He talked off and on for a couple of years about what it would be like to open a brewery of his own, until one day, in the spring of 2015, his wife finally turned to him in exasperation and said, “Either do it or stop talking about it!”

Always eager to please his wife, Don upgraded from his basement beer lab to a full-scale brewery near Anderson Park at 4474 23rd Ave S in Fargo and started Prairie Brothers.

Who are the prairie brothers?

Prairie Brothers is the community of northern plains people. To help each other survive the harsh climate in which we live, we need to be more than friends; we need to be family. This isn’t just about where we live, but about how we survive. It is our way of life, and nothing helps us stay connected better than friendship, family and beer!

As William Bostwick said in A History of the World According to Beer, “From the start, we’ve used beer to bond with friends and make up with enemies, toast our accomplishments and drown our sorrows, honor our gods and forget our troubles. Beer has been high class and low brow, sacred and profane, rustic sustenance and a rare treat. Beer tells us how far we’ve come and how little we’ve changed. Stories about ritual and transformation, about place and identity, about politics and religion. Stories, above all, about community–about how beer, varied as it is, has nonetheless always brought us together.”

The Brewhouse

At the heart of every brewery is the brewhouse. We run a 10bbl, steam heated hot-side house. This recovery heat system allows for minimal energy use. We house 3-10bbl fermenters with glycol temperature controls to keep the beer at the exact temperature needed for the perfect product. The cold house holds 6 brite tanks for serving the freshest beer at the precise temperature.  


We are always seeking friendly faces! Craft beer knowledge a plus, but not required. ​

Please download the attached application and type your responses. Return completed application in person to Don or Will at Prairie Brothers Brewing.

Now Available in Cans!

Prairie Brothers’ beer is now available for purchase at our brewery so you can enjoy the refreshing taste of Prairie Brothers Brewing Company any time and any where.

Open: Tuesday-Thursday 4-10pm   Friday 4-Midnight
Saturday Noon-Midnight   Sunday 2-8pm

4474 23rd Ave South - Fargo, ND